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"He most definitely is not fine. I've read his book." "Wait, did he say something mean about us?"

& the love continues...

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& QUESTION. Ok I don't trust myself with a google search because I'm trying not to find out any more spoilers (I already know too much and am trying to just keep it at that) so pretty please could someone be a sweetie and tell me how many more episodes there are in the season, and the airdates of them?
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The Greatness in the Salt in the Wounds in the Livejournal Post

Bones. The Salt in the Wounds. LOVED IT. I don't know what the general consensus is, or if people are all angry about it being all crappy, but I've stopped listening to the negativity because quite frankly it doesn't work for me. I've written longer posts about it already, so I won't elaborate now... but I'll continue on with talking about this episode, which I thought was fantabulous. In fact, I thought it was very "reminder of old-times" Bones...

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we could make a secret rendevouz...

1. I don't care what the stupid spoilers say... I'm not giving up until I see it, judge it as stupid, and feel the flicker of hope leave me. Because it hasn't left me yet, and I doubt it will... (I wrote more about it a few posts back, can't be bothered linking but the post subject was "My Show"... not that it's a literary masterpiece, or even very interesting... but whatever.)

It's an involuntary response... I still watch my show and smile like a crazy. I'm not giving up, and I won't judge these spoilers until I see the episodes, and also I'm thinking I'm going back to my spoiler-free lifestyle and just take it as it comes =D. The negative speculation messes with my head. Each to their own, some need to vent and I'm cool with that, I'm just going to remove myself from the situation and live in my little happy land where I'm not tempted to be swayed by others' disappointment.

2. Any Crossing Jordan fans in the house? There's a fair few similarities between the two, but I wouldn't go so far to compare the pair because they're both my loves and I shall not rank them. Anyway... while watching 4.15 I suddenly had a brainwave of: PEROTTA IS BONES VERSION OF LU!!!! Of course, many differences between the two, but really they're pretty much the equivalent of each other.

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Ok well that's all for tonight, off to sleepy sleep, house-hunting tomorrow... and hopefully new Bones ep soon :)

Peace out xx
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My show ♥♥

So. I just watched Double Trouble in the Panhandle, Fire in the Ice and The Hero in the Hold.

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Seriously. Wow. Just what I needed after exhausting uni weeks... (now must catch up on sleep to complete the recovery process)

I know that there's a heap of Bones fans who are all 'not liking where the show is going' or whatever. I'm not going to have a go at that opinion (I promise this isn't an attack on anyone), because each to their own.

But here is my opinion on it all... which turned out longer than I expected and contains spoilers for 3.14 and 3.15 and general non-spoilery discussion of season 4 (I'm up to 4.14) ... but have a read?

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...Thai food?

The end of The Girl with the Curl was amazazing (Benchwarmers reference...). Oh... the close proximity of faces and Booth skipping on his "appointment" and the complimenting of "structures" and discussing Thai food... fantabulous x 1000.

...AND this marks the end of Bones backlog catch-up. No more old episodes that remain unseen by me... MEANING the next episode I watch will be 4.07, marking the beginning of Bones new episodes catch-up! Although maybe I should watch 4.06 again to recap where I was or something...? It was a while back now...
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"No, you REALLY look like her..."

For some reason I thought I hadn't watched Emily Deschanel on Ellen yet, so I looked it up and started watching and realised I had watched it before. Still funny though.

Watched Killer In The Concrete today when going through my dvd recorder hard drive... I'd forgotten how AMAZING it is. Gah.

At this point I should probably note that it's extremely late and I doubt I'm making sense. Posting after midnight has its risks, but hopefully I'll just laugh at this in the morning.

I'm losing my patience with Australian TV. They got up to Bones episode 4.06 or something like that, before going to season 1 repeats from the start for summer. This was okay with me because I didn't start at the very start so season 1 repeats were "new" repeats for me. Then they took it away for the tennis, and my lovely friend lent me her season 1 dvds so I could finish my season 1 new repeats. Only just now has Channel 7 brought back Bones, but it's still repeats, and now I'm ahead of their repeats and my friend nor I have season 2 dvds and I am quickly losing my patience at not having either new episodes or new repeats. And it's starting to drive me a little bit crazy. So this is the plan. I am obtaining season 2 to complete my new repeats and once I get up to the mid-season-2-ish bit that is where I started watching originally, thus completing the backlog of Bones, if Channel 7 has not brought back new episodes by then, I shall have to obtain the new season 4 episodes.

Because it's so annoying trying to be a Bones fandom LJ user when you can't read anything to do with current episodes (I'm trying to be spoiler free like that.)
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"I especially loved what you said about not being a victim" -MH in The Guru

So. Hadn't watched SVU in a fair while, it sorta slipped off my radar I guess, final year of high school eliminated many a show from my schedule, and often it was a case of "haven't yet watched last week's so I'll have to tape this week's and watch it after I watch last week's"... for a few weeks before thinking "screw it, I've pretty much forgotten about it".

Then a few weeks back channel 10 started with their promos for "all new SVU" and with my current life being what it is (daily sitting on couch with internet and dvds, on the days I don't meet up with friends or go see a movie) I figured I may as well tape it and watch sometime. So as of today I had 2 episodes on the hard drive. (wikipedia tells me they were the first two of season 10). & I watched them. & WOW. It was amazing. Although it was so different from last time I was a regular viewer... it was like watching a new show... except not really.

Now I'm going to have to do some back-up research... like finding Casey's last episode (I have a feeling that this new ADA will grow on me once she stops being a bitch simply because new ADAs always have to be bitches at the start) to find out what went down, as well as the one with Olivia in the undercover prison op, because the "events" of that episode seem to be pretty major to where Olivia's at right now.

Love love love.

...and the semi-distant svu link leads me to using this lovely ryan/gloria OZ icon...