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University and Academy Awards and movie madness

First day of uni today, I did survive. So I guess I'm officially a film student. Fun stuff. Wasn't as scary and daunting as it could have been. It's still a bit weird though.

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Seven Pounds, through the eyes of a Demily/Bones fan, also with references to Yes Man

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"No, you REALLY look like her..."

For some reason I thought I hadn't watched Emily Deschanel on Ellen yet, so I looked it up and started watching and realised I had watched it before. Still funny though.

Watched Killer In The Concrete today when going through my dvd recorder hard drive... I'd forgotten how AMAZING it is. Gah.

At this point I should probably note that it's extremely late and I doubt I'm making sense. Posting after midnight has its risks, but hopefully I'll just laugh at this in the morning.

I'm losing my patience with Australian TV. They got up to Bones episode 4.06 or something like that, before going to season 1 repeats from the start for summer. This was okay with me because I didn't start at the very start so season 1 repeats were "new" repeats for me. Then they took it away for the tennis, and my lovely friend lent me her season 1 dvds so I could finish my season 1 new repeats. Only just now has Channel 7 brought back Bones, but it's still repeats, and now I'm ahead of their repeats and my friend nor I have season 2 dvds and I am quickly losing my patience at not having either new episodes or new repeats. And it's starting to drive me a little bit crazy. So this is the plan. I am obtaining season 2 to complete my new repeats and once I get up to the mid-season-2-ish bit that is where I started watching originally, thus completing the backlog of Bones, if Channel 7 has not brought back new episodes by then, I shall have to obtain the new season 4 episodes.

Because it's so annoying trying to be a Bones fandom LJ user when you can't read anything to do with current episodes (I'm trying to be spoiler free like that.)