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The Greatness in the Salt in the Wounds in the Livejournal Post

Bones. The Salt in the Wounds. LOVED IT. I don't know what the general consensus is, or if people are all angry about it being all crappy, but I've stopped listening to the negativity because quite frankly it doesn't work for me. I've written longer posts about it already, so I won't elaborate now... but I'll continue on with talking about this episode, which I thought was fantabulous. In fact, I thought it was very "reminder of old-times" Bones...

Cam and Brennan and their feud... I loved that they went back to this! Very early season 2-ish... especially with the "calling in a freebie", it's always nice when there are references to old episodes... it's like a high five to the fans who understand the reference or something.

& on that note, I loved seeing the conflict in Brennan, trying to accept not being the one to find cause of death, and ultimately that Cam's "flesh" stuff beat her "bones" stuff in this particular case, and admitting that she was wrong.

Angela's storyline was better than I thought it would be... I loved that she and Brennan had dinner together; some episodes they hardly have any scenes together, and it's good to get a bit of focus on their friendship now and again. I liked their conversation about Angela's way of living in the moment, and how their initial agreeance turned into disagreement... I think that they are in fact similar in what they do and how they go about dating etc, but the separation is over whether this "moment-living" is governed by head or heart.

Angela and Sweets undercover! Oh JFD in a t-shirt =D haha... and their conversation while waiting... it showed Angela is starting to have doubts about her "moment-living"... and at the end it looked like she is going to take Sweets' advice.

OH. Angela and Hodgins. I'm hoping for them to get back together. I think Hodgins wants Angela back (the earring at the end! how awww...) but he realises that she's not in the right place yet for them to work... once she starts being able to look into the future, they can look into THEIR future together :)

The intern... his cd to Angela was so sweet of him, some songs in that list I was like "great choice!!!" ha. Brennan's aversion to his praying and then her observing him at the end seemed telling... I think maybe she admires his faith in something... I think she wants to be able to believe, in something, in anything.

That song in the montage... Heartbeats by Jose Gonzales... oh how I love that song and it was so lovely... I won't deny that I'm a sucker for a good music montage or that the right music in the right scene just makes my heart jump for joy. I loved it mostly the first time it came on... in the good old "getting the bad guy in a quick and easy way and doing some montage stuff on other characters" sequence... but it was nice to have it come back at the end..... which leads me to....

Booth. At the end. The importance he places on responsibility. That conversation was brilliant. I love me some serious Booth. Brennan looking through window was just so... great. I think she likes this side of him. Well, I'm pretty sure she likes all of him.

So all in all, for an episode that wasn't even very B/B-heavy, I must say I thought this was a brilliant episode. As I said at the beginning, I don't really know if many others liked it or hated it or whatever.... but this is what I thought :)

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