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we could make a secret rendevouz...

1. I don't care what the stupid spoilers say... I'm not giving up until I see it, judge it as stupid, and feel the flicker of hope leave me. Because it hasn't left me yet, and I doubt it will... (I wrote more about it a few posts back, can't be bothered linking but the post subject was "My Show"... not that it's a literary masterpiece, or even very interesting... but whatever.)

It's an involuntary response... I still watch my show and smile like a crazy. I'm not giving up, and I won't judge these spoilers until I see the episodes, and also I'm thinking I'm going back to my spoiler-free lifestyle and just take it as it comes =D. The negative speculation messes with my head. Each to their own, some need to vent and I'm cool with that, I'm just going to remove myself from the situation and live in my little happy land where I'm not tempted to be swayed by others' disappointment.

2. Any Crossing Jordan fans in the house? There's a fair few similarities between the two, but I wouldn't go so far to compare the pair because they're both my loves and I shall not rank them. Anyway... while watching 4.15 I suddenly had a brainwave of: PEROTTA IS BONES VERSION OF LU!!!! Of course, many differences between the two, but really they're pretty much the equivalent of each other.

The Princess and The Pear

Phone conversations... good in that we saw Booth in a non-Booth-heavy episode... but those white lines and the split screen, my inner snobby film-student side had a major EWW at the ugly editing and composition which seemed so out of place.

I love Sweets. I do.

Glad that Perotta didn't make too much of a move on Booth... the two of them have enough to deal with as it is without needing to create another Sully situation. That end scene... when she walked in on them...giggle.

The Bones That Foam

Oh... Booth and Brennan, basically every one of their scenes... OMG the strip club, and the end with the car analogy... squee X1000 =D

Brennan's interrogation, her aggressive start "is that a confession??" while inappropriate for the particular suspect, was just totally confident take-no-crap Brennan... it made me smile.

Cam and her "I just love this wine" and her use of random facts to calm herself... what's going on with her?

Brennan and Sweets in this episode. Their scenes together were just... awesome. There's something about those two... um would it be wrong to say I almost... ship them? Don't get me wrong, I'm a B/B fanatical all the way, but in my fantasy Bones land, before the inevitable B/B get-together-ness, something would play out between Brennan and Sweets. There'd be mind games and manipulation and power-struggles and it would be awesome.
I'm pretty sure I'm the only person who thinks this though. *hides*

Ok well that's all for tonight, off to sleepy sleep, house-hunting tomorrow... and hopefully new Bones ep soon :)

Peace out xx
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