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The Exhaustion in the Girl

I was going to rant about a problem I was having in firefox... but it's decided to fix itself so I'm left without a rant... but I'll explain the problem anyway because it was fairly funny although absolutely infuriating. So, last night my computer started typing BACKWARDS. Meaning, the cursor would go in FRONT of the letter I'd just typed instead of after it, so I'd be typing sample text and look up to see txet elpmas. WTF?? I did much googling (with a fair bit of difficulty I should add) to try and figure out how to fix this and nothing really worked... and then firefox decided to be even more weird and only semi-type-backwards.... so instead of having fully backwards words, it was really just a jumble of the letters I'd type.

But just when I was about to write about it (in notepad and then copy/paste it over...) here, firefox decides to be normal again. How bizarre.

Non-holidays life is exhausting. Two classes and umpire training yesterday left me very wiped out today- in which I had an ambassador training day (I have to be an ambassador for my uni as a condition of my scholarship) which was very boring and draining and all that jazz. & 8.30am class tomorrow morning. Fun times ahead. Oh... I should actually be calling my potential workplace and telling them I'd like to accept their offer... Maybe I should wait until morning? Mmmm perhaps 6.45 is a busy time... dinner crowd maybe...? OH I could drop by after class tomorrow at 11.30am...? Maybe I'm stalling... perhaps I don't like phone-calling non-friends...? Gah... I'm pretty much trying to Sweets/analyse myself. Gosh, what is this?!

I thiiiink that's all I want to say... except my internet connection is being very volatile lately and it's BUGGING ME.

Tags: computer troubles, firefox, rant, umpiring, uni, work

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