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University and Academy Awards and movie madness

First day of uni today, I did survive. So I guess I'm officially a film student. Fun stuff. Wasn't as scary and daunting as it could have been. It's still a bit weird though.

+ Hugh Jackman was good. He was entertaining and all that jazz. The opening number made me smile.
+ The "musical" number... I giggled at the recurring West Side Story moments... the random "Maria"'s etc...
+ Kate Winslet is so hot right now.
+ Slumdog Millionaire didn't seem like such an Oscar hog even though it won heaps... it's first award wasn't until a fair way in, plus it didn't even get any of the actor awards.
+ Speaking of Slumdog Millionaire, I actually would have liked the other song to win, personally.
+ Not sure if I like/disliked the whole 5 presenters for the acting awards... it was a bit strange and I can't exactly place my finger on what was unsettling about it.
+ Nicole Kidman looked slightly malnourished and pale...?
+ Sofia Loren. Enough said.
+ Ok I hope this doesn't seem offensive... but. Heath Ledger. I can't help but wonder if he really would have won if he were still alive.

Seven Pounds, through the eyes of a Demily/Bones fan, also with references to Yes Man

Giggle moments
+ Ben hurling abuse over the phone, calling the salesman out on being a 'blind vegan' etc...
+ Emily was not only a vegetarian, but had a vegetarian dog. & yes, this character's name was Emily.

Moments that reminded me of that face in Yes Man (in the oh-so-hilarious death dream sequence) and thus made me laugh
+ Whenever Ben was sleeping
+ Towards the end of that scene... the one in the bath... when his face started contorting... I had to pause my "omg-this-is-so-scary" to have a little giggle...

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