Ms. Norbury (inspirera) wrote,
Ms. Norbury

& she finally conquers technology!!!!!

Screw 8 days... I'm making it 10 because today was good and tomorrow I just know will be excellent... so 10 is my number.

Happiness Meme: Day 9

Things that made me happy today.

+ I think I've fixed my ipod... there was an "iced tea" incident a few weeks back and I've been going through random methods of trying to fix it since then. It's charging now. I'll be 100 percent sure that it's fixed when I go back home and check it tonight... but it's looking good!!

+ I went to my high school and did a Final Cut tutorial for the media class... and then the teacher and I did some investigationing on my video-capture-saga... which leads me to......

+ I SALVAGED MY FOOTAGE. Can't get the audio but having to re-dub audio is SO much better than having to re-shoot.

Activeness: Day 9

Active things I did today.

+ Miscellaneous walking today... plus there will be more when I go to debating...

Tags: activeness, film school, happiness meme

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