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"I especially loved what you said about not being a victim" -MH in The Guru

So. Hadn't watched SVU in a fair while, it sorta slipped off my radar I guess, final year of high school eliminated many a show from my schedule, and often it was a case of "haven't yet watched last week's so I'll have to tape this week's and watch it after I watch last week's"... for a few weeks before thinking "screw it, I've pretty much forgotten about it".

Then a few weeks back channel 10 started with their promos for "all new SVU" and with my current life being what it is (daily sitting on couch with internet and dvds, on the days I don't meet up with friends or go see a movie) I figured I may as well tape it and watch sometime. So as of today I had 2 episodes on the hard drive. (wikipedia tells me they were the first two of season 10). & I watched them. & WOW. It was amazing. Although it was so different from last time I was a regular viewer... it was like watching a new show... except not really.

Now I'm going to have to do some back-up research... like finding Casey's last episode (I have a feeling that this new ADA will grow on me once she stops being a bitch simply because new ADAs always have to be bitches at the start) to find out what went down, as well as the one with Olivia in the undercover prison op, because the "events" of that episode seem to be pretty major to where Olivia's at right now.

Love love love.

...and the semi-distant svu link leads me to using this lovely ryan/gloria OZ icon...
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