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Seriously the greatness is starting to kill me.


Seriously this was SO FUNNY, it reminded me a bit of Death at a Funeral... did anyone else have that thought?

Some great moments... I don't even think I can stop the general OMG-brainbuzz in order to pinpoint them... but I shall say the following:

-Characters were good

-DANCING omg when Booth was leading the singing at one point it was SO like the Angel dance scene... you know the one.

-Brennan trying to be charming OMG LOL

-Translation. lol.

-Sweets being out of the loop... hehe.

-Hodgins' toast!! B&B carrying the body was so hilarious...

& the end... oh B/B end scenes get me every time. Lovely conversation :)

which reminds me, Booth was very "I'll grab you around the shoulder and pull you close while we walk" in this ep...

So pretty much I felt that this was a funny episode that still kept everyone in character and was still what you could call a great episode without having to be all hard-hitting and stuff.

I love my show.

But enough about me, what did YOU think?

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