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"He most definitely is not fine. I've read his book." "Wait, did he say something mean about us?"

& the love continues...

I can't believe how amazing it was. My show just keeps on impressing me so darn much.

+ Gordon Gordon! Wow it was so good to have him back... I didn't know he was going to be in the ep (I already know so many spoilers and I'm trying to just NOT find out any more... so I didn't know about this!) and the interplay between him and Sweets was great.

+Ok. Sweets. Now, a tiny bit of my brain is all *OMG WHY MUST EVERYONE ON TV HAVE A TRAUMATIC CHILDHOOD?!!?!?* I mean, with Booth too, I felt it was out of place when he made the big reveal in Con Man, which seemed to contradict earlier things he'd said in s1/2 about his childhood... but it's Booth so I pretty much just accept it because I love him too much to argue. With Sweets I was thinking the same thing, that it was SO out of character, but then as the episode continued on I began to see it fit him more, and how his past would fit in with how he is today. I believe it, and the scene he had with Gordon Gordon during the interrogation was so intense and lovely.

& OH OH OH Sweets "in character" was just OMG. Brennan was all "SWEETS?!?!?" and I was like OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGITSSWEETS. So funny... and awww Booth was all "I don't want you there by yourself" he's so caring like that... :)

+ Gordon Gordon meant Booth right? That Booth is the one who "struggles everyday"? I figured it would HAVE to be him... I mean, not that I think that Brennan is necessarily incapable of realising it, but I don't imagine her to be constantly struggling with love and attraction with Booth while he remains oblivious. & the end was very "Booth looks at her and reveals a secret to Sweets, but more as a favour for Brennan". Plus, Brennan had her jealousy speech last week which again points to Booth.... so do we all agree: Booth?

+THE END SCENE. Ok it wasn't the JEALOUSY SPEECH of 4.20 that I still can't believe happened, but seriously, end scenes are where the action's at and this one was pretty darn great. Brennan's "scar sharing" was so lovely - ok no the story was horrible, poor thing- but what I mean is that she's learning to reveal herself to people, and she trusts Sweets (and Booth) enough to tell them things... she's making such progress... gosh before we know it she'll be letting herself fall in love or something.... HAHA. Ok. AND BOOTH. As I said a few paragraphs up, Booth seemed to do it for her more than anything... and awww it was just so nice. And oh Brennan, first it was cheek-touching and now it's CHEST TOUCHING??? She was very much "ok I'll put this back in your pocket. . . and let my hand linger... and linger some more... and just for a bit longer..."

+ & Sweets being "like a baby duck"... I've always thought that he seemed to really like them... in a sorta non-normalish way... but him being the metaphorical kid and B&B being his parents in a sense (while making a heap of sense), REALLY goes against the potential-fic I've had brewing in my mind for ages lol.

things that fit into sentences instead of paragraphs....

+ Sweets being all workaholic at the end... um but wasn't it just last week that he was all OMGWELOVEEACHOTHER with Daisy... I mean, where was she?

+ Brennan pulling off Sweets' shirt. Seriously I thought  I was going to die from sqeal-overload. JFD's chest... plus the fact that it all seemed so darn kinky... and while I am ALL about the B/B love, I do have a thing for Brennan/Sweets moments...

+ Brennan's face at the diner when she was all "psychology is a crap science" to Sweets... it was such a "suck on that!" look lol

+ Brennan's SHOCKface when Booth shot the amp! It was the same shockface as when he shot the clown... and it was funny because Wyatt was THERE and made referrence to the clown-shooting!

+ Brennan in the interrogation. You know the one. When Booth was on "desk duty". OMG. Pretty sure after that performance Booth would be wishing she'd interrogate him like that ;)

Ok that's it from me... TALK TO ME about the amazingness that is late-s4 Bones :)

& QUESTION. Ok I don't trust myself with a google search because I'm trying not to find out any more spoilers (I already know too much and am trying to just keep it at that) so pretty please could someone be a sweetie and tell me how many more episodes there are in the season, and the airdates of them?
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