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The necessary BonesLove post for 4.20, because there is so much love. So darn much.

(spoilery for Bones 4.20)

Ok I'm going to forget to put in most of the stuff I wanted to include in the "OMG REASONS WHY THIS EPISODE WAS AMAZING" post.... but here goes..

Screw chronology, I'm going straight for the end scene. It was like... the stuff we write and read... it's what our fanfiction is made of, and we love because "even though they'll never have this on the show, it's perfect." Except it was on the show. I couldn't believe I was SEEING it, not reading it. Her going to his place even though it's late just because she NEEDS to talk to him. & she opened up so much. She never does that on the show... only in fanfiction... until tonight, because this scene was perfect.

I loved that she said "It's Bones" at the door... and I loved that she revealed how even though she knows jealousy is silly, she FEELS it.

Perfect image: The two of them on the couch. GAH if people make icons of that I'll ditch one of my 15 to make room.

I'll admit to a little tear during her jealousy speech...


I hope others loved it as much as I did??

Okay now for the rest of the show, and I'll probably forget details because it's after midnight and all... apologies in advance.

All the B/B scenes were lovely... before the credits when they were having their regular marriage debate and the guy was like "do you need me here? because if you're just sorting out relationship problems..."

SWEETS. Aww I love him. &&&&& I like that he had a "spot" in the story, meaning he wasn't just hanging around trying to find purpose... I had a feeling from the beginning that they were wrong about Daisy, although my guess was that she was buying a wedding dress for her wedding to Sweets even though they weren't engaged, just because that seems like something she'd do.

Speaking of when they saw Daisy... Brennan being all the veil is a sign of virginity, and I've been sexually active for *begins to count before being dragged away by Booth* was just so Brennan and made me smile.

I do like Wendell... can't think of much to elaborate on that, but I think he's pretty cool.

Hodgins/Angela... did they hit the hate buttons? I got confused because it looked like they were hitting date but then Hodgins went into the restaurant... it's kinda nice seeing them "move on"... but I still want them to get back together... I think,,,?

Sweets and Daisy. In the office. OMG.... I actually had a thought that B and/or B were going to walk in on them, that would have been funny.

Booth being Sweets' therapist? It was a great scene. Loverrrrrly. But no hug. Ha.

& again on Sweets/Daisy, and Brennan's conflicted-ness on whether or not to tell Sweets, it was such an interesting journey for her... and then realising that she was wrong, and all of her other realisations and... that leads me back to my first mega-paragraph on the last scene which I will say one more time: was amazing. AMAZING. I can't believe that tv writers on a "crime procedural" did that. I hope that none of the "the show's going so downhill" believers haven't actually dropped off yet and stopped watching because in my opinion, that scene would restore anyone's faith in the show.

Anyway, sorry for the tangent, where was I... Oh, cute moment when B & B were in the alley, and Brennan put the glasses on Booth, her hands were all over his face. Because after last week's cheek-moment, her hand is like a magnet to his face. She can't help herself.

Ok, so all in all, I think this was incredible. After last ep, I though I'd be hard-pressed to like the next one as much, but no. This was AMAZINGLY fantastic, and crazily great and so many other positive adjectives that I can't even think of right now. I'll go and read up other people's posts now but I really hope everyone loved it as much as I did.

& the last scene.... I didn't think I could love a scene so much. I honestly didn't.

♥ ♥

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