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Ohhhh, THAT little brain....

After one week of doubt, we're back to the regular Bones!Love!

I loved this episode. I really really really loved it. It was probably more a silly-ish ep than say, 4.17 but it was just great.

+FIRST THINGS FIRST. The wall... so it was Hodgins/Nigel-Murray experiment thing (which was funny... those two are great together), but BOOTH AND BRENNAN and that wall and I love that he's so protective of her. Because he loves her. He wants to protect her and keep her safe all the time. I also loved the "we should get out of here before lockdown... now..." and the two of them escaping. It was so... perfect.

+SO many quotable quotes.... "Ohhh, THAT little brain." "Sexually anorexic" "cancer chair"... pretty much just every single B/B scene...

+Brennan's face when they walked in on those people... and Booth too. They were hilarious. & the entire scene while they waited for them, that was just so awesome.

+B&B in those blue suits... and the chair...

+So... when they got locked in the chamber... my first reaction was NO OMG DON'T DIE, then once that faded (because clearly they weren't going to die), I couldn't help but notice how ridiculous it was... the colouring meant their skin was a crazy colour, their faces were contorted and Brennan was making the most ridiculous sound... In situations like these, the rational part of me thinks "omgthisissosilly" but the crazybonesfan part of me smiles like a crazy smiler. Because it's silly... but it's fun. & also, I like that it was the combination of her frequency stuff and his gunshot that saved their lives. I like that it was both of them, not one of them. & them yelling at each other after was just great =D

+Brennan turning down the offer... because we clearly know she's losing the "rational lady looking for random sex partners" thing, whether she she realises it or not. And the concern she showed for Booth, like, a SECOND after... she's so in love by now. She's so so so in love.

+Booth and Brennan at the end, ahh they are so lovely. I like that while Brennan says the wrong things, she's learnt enough from Booth to actually know that she's not saying what she means to... it's nice.

+Angela's Dad storyline didn't excite me THAT much, but it was pretty good, and MEGA!SHOCK at the tattoo at the end... I had a good chuckle.... WHICH REMINDS ME.... SWEETS!!! He admitted to having a "thing" for Angela?!?! Wow, but aww I love Sweets.

+I ALMOST FORGOT. Ok the very beginning of the episode... they found an ear. An EAR. My LynchFan self just loved that... I wonder if the Blue Velvet reference was intentional or not... probably not seeing as there really weren't any other similarities/references... except of course the fact that there's a character in the movie called Frank BOOTH. He's a bad guy though. Seeley Booth is not a bad guy.

All in all, I loved this episode so much.

I'm glad to be back in the BonesLove mode. It's where I belong :-)

People, please talk to me about how happy Bones (and this ep in particular) makes them? ...and how yummy B&B are?
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